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Illinois Jaguar Club

Tour the Chicago History Museum
Lunch at Corcorans with the club.

February 10

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More in an upcoming Jag Rag.


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Introducing Illinois Jaguar Club at 50!


In honor of our 50thAnniversary we thought we should have a special logo to use during the year.  Bradley Price very graciously agreed to assist with the design.  Bradley has been a lifelong car enthusiast (who wouldn’t be with the influence of Carla and Allan).  He has branched out beyond Jaguars and is now the Owner/President of Autodromo, a specialty company that crafts unique products that express the spirit of motoring for the discriminating auto enthusiast.  Daria Durham has a set of his driving gloves and I am sure it contributes to her well known fast pace.,,,  For those that would like to review his site it is  


We appreciate Bradley’s creativity and his support of our 50thAnniversary Celebration!